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In this water episode of our Natural Capital Series, we discuss seaweed and its wider benefits to the farming community, it’s important ecosystem services and the various uses for seaweed products.

We are joined by Rhianna Rees, Seaweed Academy Coordinator at SAMS Enterprise, who is passionate about the growth and expansion of the seaweed industry and its role in a rapidly developing blue economy, and Fiona Salter, a Senior Environmental Consultant at SAC Consulting, who focuses on the improvement of natural capital and ecosystem services in the rural environment.

The Earth’s soils, rocks, air, water, plants and animals are all valuable resources that provide a wide range of services and benefits. These resources need to be carefully managed and maintained to support a healthy functioning environment. In this Natural Capital podcast series, hosted by Rachel Smillie we will explore different natural capital assets and their value to Scottish agriculture and the rural economy, including the opportunities and risks for the future.

Hosted by Rachel Smillie, produced by Iain Boyd, editor Ross Mackenzie, executive producer Kerry Hammond.


What are the different types and uses of seaweed?: 4:35 – 7:55

What are the main benefits of seaweed for agriculture?: 10:54 – 12:47

The potential economic growth of the sector: 15:15 – 17:06

Using seaweed as a livestock feed and methane reduction: 21:40 – 23:12

Water quality issues and solutions: 23:51 – 29:18

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