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Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Deer Farming & Management

In this episode Alex Pirie chats to Dick Fairplay, John Fletcher and Allan Sneddon of the Venison Advisory Service.

Deer farming in Scotland and across Britain is a growing sector with huge potential, whether it is wild deer on the uplands or lowland domesticated units. In the face of threats like climate change and biodiversity decline deer offers a resilient alternative to beef and sheep. Topics covered in this podcast include; a review of the domestic venison market, deer farming in a changing climate, deer as resilient livestock, differences between farmed and wild venison, the importance of upland game shooting, the practicalities of deer farming and uses for antlers.

Visit The Thrill of The Hill webpage to listen to all episodes in the series.

A head profile photo of a stag with full, multi-pointed antlers. The background is dark and out of focus.

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