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Podcast: Thrill of the Hill – An Introduction to Geo Parks

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The idea of land receiving designations or protections often gets a visceral reaction from farmers, crofters and landowners, with the threat of limitations and restrictions of activities, however these can also present opportunities. In episode twenty-four of the Thrill of the Hill series the Farm Advisory Service (FAS) talks to Arran Geo Park and Arran Access Trust member, Malcolm Wilkinson about the process of attaining Geo Park status. We talk about what a geo park is, how it compares to national park status, UNESCO support and other Scottish success stories. Also up for discussion is the role that farmers and landowners have in promoting public access and the need to control invasive and non-native species.

A hiker walking at the bottom of a valley on the Isle of Arran. The photo has been overlaid with the Arran Geopark logo which depicts a pencil outline of a mountain.

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