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Podcast: Thrill of The Hill – Opportunities in Agroforestry

Woodland creation and management is only one of the many avenues Scotland is taking to tackle the climate emergency and woodland has a proven link to increasing carbon capture on the farm. Agroforestry allows farmers, crofters and landowners the chance to maintain agricultural output, with options for woodland grazing and intercropping, meaning productive activity can be promoted at the same time as tree planting. In episode twenty-one of the Thrill of the Hill series the Farm Advisory Service (FAS) talks to Woodland Creation Officer, Virginia Harden Scott about agroforestry opportunities in Scotland and the progress made towards net zero emissions. Also up for discussion is role of agroforestry in promoting natural capital and enhancing biodiversity.

Visit our Farm Woodland webpages to find out more about forestry opportunities, and for more information about the number of carbon units generated per hectare and the price per tonne for carbon units visit the Woodland Carbon Code webpage.

As of December 2021 approximate ranges are as follows:

Mixed Broadleaves

  • 350-500 units per hectare
  • £10-£25 per unit

Conifer plantation

  • 100-200 units per hectare
  • £6-£15 per unit

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