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Small Calf Syndrome

Any disease or ill health in livestock can have a negative impact on production through reduced growth rates, fertility, and rearing ability. Poor or prolonged performance will result in a rise in input costs, an extended period to sale and potential reduced market value and in some cases, increase mortality rates which will also result in a higher carbon footprint for the farm business.

In this video, part 2 of the disease surveillance video series, we take a look at a new condition described as ‘small calf syndrome’ which has been found on 3 farms in the Scottish Borders this spring. We hear from William Barrie at Rumbleton Farm who had a quarter of his spring calves affected by the condition and Alwyn Jones, SRUC Veterinary Investigation Officer and Lorna Shaw, SAC Ruminant Nutritionist tell us what investigations they have carried out in a bid to determine the cause.

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