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Stock Talk – Sean Cursiter

In this podcast we hear from Sean Cursiter who has featured on BBC’s ‘This Farming Life’ program. Sean Cursiter farms at Laga Farm, Orkney with his dad and his uncle. Due to his dad and uncle still being relatively young and fit to farm Laga, Sean decided to buy a farm for himself and his family’s future; Arwick Farm, Orkney. Sean tells us about his story and strong work-ethic which led to him being able to buy a farm. Although Sean still helps out at Laga, he now has his own farm business at Arwick and has aspirations to improve the farm and breed sustainable low-input livestock. He also speaks about the wintering systems they employ at Laga (sheep slats) and at Arwick (feeding silage in the hill) to help the sheep get through the long Orkney winters.

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