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Thrill of the Hill – They See Me Roaming: Promoting Sustainable, Responsible Access to the Countryside

THRILL OF THE HILL | Farmland covers the Scottish landscape, between 70% and 80% of it, but farmers are not the only stakeholders in the countryside. Increasingly, the general public is interacting with farming and land management, encouraged by the prospects of adventure, points of interest, leisure, health, and well-being. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code (SOAC) makes provisions for responsible access to land and by and large that is achieved. In this episode, Bridget Jones, NatureScot, joins the podcast to discuss promoting sustainable, responsible access to the countryside, we discuss hidden gems, where people go and what they do when they get there, and mediating conflicts where they arise.

Hosted by Alexander Pirie, Edited by Malcolm MacDonald, Produced by Beth Errington, Executive Producer Kerry Hammond, in association with The Scottish Government.

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