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Thrill of the Hill – Natural Capital

Thrill of the Hill is back! Season 3 #6 – Understanding Natural Capital. In this episode we hear from SAC Consulting’s Rachel Smillie & Paul Chapman as we get to grips with the concept of natural capital, ecological functions and services, and review some of our own experiences with a recently completed natural capital calculator trial.

Farmers and landowners are at the front line of fighting climate change in Scotland, implementing changes at landscape scale for the benefit of nature and to mitigate the impacts of a changing climate. Key to that is to have a better understanding of the natural functions that occur everyday on the farm and how they impact the bottom line and broader society so we can as an industry advocate more effectively for what we do. Rachel and I also discuss the new podcast series, The Natural Capital Podcast and how she hopes to develop our understanding of natural capital at a crucial time of transition for the industry and country.


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