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Trees of the Gaelic World : YEW (mini-series)

Welcome back to the Rural Round-up hosted by me, Kerry Hammond. This show is produced in association with the Scottish Government. This episode is part of a spotlight mini-series titled Trees of the Gaelic World. This episode is all about Yew and will explore the Gaelic language and lore surrounding the species with scholar Dr Mìcheal Newton, and advice from Iona Hyde from The Woodland Trust on the best conditions for the species, and how to manage or establish Yew on our land in the current day. You can find three more episodes in this series on the Rural Roundup Podcast, we also cover, Yew, Birch and Scot’s Pine.

Dr Mìcheal Newton was awarded a Ph.D. in Celtic Studies from the University of Edinburgh in 1998 for his dissertation The Tree in Scottish Gaelic Literature and Tradition.

Music Credit:

Our sincere thanks go to composer David Bertrand for providing the folk music interludes in this episode.


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