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Webinar: Opportunities in the Halal Sector for Farmers

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Halal consumers eat more meat per capita than the remainder of the population and despite accounting for just 5% of the English population consume approximately 20% of all lamb produced within the country.

The UK Halal food sector is one of great importance to the national economy. During 2016, spend in the UK halal sector reached £4.64 billion – equating to 8% of the country’s total food and drink spend.

In this webinar Awal Fuseini, AHDB Halal Sector Manager gives producers an insight into the importance of the growing Halal sector within the UK. He also provides an overview of the Halal process, a common misconception which prevents some producers embracing this market is that Halal slaughter does not permit stunning, however in the UK the majority of sheep are pre-stunned before slaughter and all major global halal standards accept stunning. He gives some tips on what producers can do to target these premium prices.


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