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Stepping back

Farming can be the best job in the world, but circumstances do change and you may be questioning whether farming is still the right life choice for you. Whilst farming you will have amassed many skills that provide you with a great many opportunities that you may not realise. The videos and information here is designed to support farmers who are considering stepping back, so that you can do so on your own terms.

As a starting point, watch the video at the top of this page to hear stories from other farmers and judge for yourself if your situation sounds similar.  If it is then below we look at the organisational and financial actions you can take.

Along with the videos speaking to experts, we've produced a range of practical guides to take you, step by step, through this process. It’s never an easy decision to step back from an agricultural business and the thought of the tasks ahead can be daunting. We asked professionals and former farmers for their advice.

Download Stepping Back: where to start?

Next up, it is important to understand whether your business is viable going forward. Even a business which is profitable may not be sufficiently profitable for your needs.

Download Business Viability practical guide

If you are considering stepping back from farming you may be wondering what you would do instead, there are some things to think about. The next practical guide looks at the skills you have and how they could transfer to another role.

Download 'Opportunities' practical guide

When debt gets difficult

Debt can be an entirely normal feature of a farm business, helping it to expand and grow, invest in new technologies, and provide a buffer against short term cash flow fluctuations—this is especially important in an industry like farming where income can often be ‘lumpy’. However when a business finds itself with more debt than it can comfortably manage things can become difficult very quickly.

In the video for this section, we hear from experts in agricultural finance and below you can download our practical guide on debt.

Download 'When Debt Gets Difficult' practical guide

Passport reconciliation

All cattle on the farm should have the correct tags and a passport. This is especially important when you want to sell cattle. Passport reconciliation is the process of checking this. In the video to the right, we hear from a Fieldsman about how to carry out a passport reconciliation and by clicking on the download button below, you can have a copy of our practical guide to passport reconcilation.

Download Passport Reconciliation

Help is available

An agricultural consultant can help you to determine if your business is viable, and advise on the actions you can take.
Support is available to help with the cost via the Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP) and grant funded specialist advice is also available—this can include advice from your accountant or solicitor. Contact your consultant or the Farm Advisory Service for more information.

RSABI are an excellent source of help. They can provide emotional, practical and financial support to individuals and their families across the agricultural sector including farming, crofting and growing. Contact them on 0300 111 4166

Farmwell Scotland

Organisations across Scotland’s agricultural sector have come together to create Farmwell Scotland and they have produced a guide of useful contacts for farmers who are needing help and support.

Download 'Farmwell Scotland: Useful Contacts for the farming community'

Farmwell Scotland

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