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Dairy Sector

There are numerous news reports highlighting the current fragility within the diary sector during the current coronavirus crisis.

We've collated a series of resources to help you build some resilience into your farm business where possible.  The first step is to ensure that you have the emergency plans required by the Red Tractor assurance schemes completed and that they are up to date.  We have a number of emergency plan templates that may be of use, including a routine animal health plan.

Can you plan ahead for a situation where if you or one of your staff were unable to work?  Download our series of Emergency Plans for Staff for a number of the most regular jobs on the farm e.g. feeding cattle, heat detection, milking parlour routine and care of the newborn calf.

In the event that your milk is not lifted, please be aware that SEPA has published guidance about how best to dispose of it.  Please be aware that milk can be highly polluting if it reaches a watercourse.  If in doubt please contact SEPA by email at for advice.

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