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Emergency Planning

All businesses should have emergency contingency plans.

These documents should be kept somewhere accessible to all staff e.g. a farm office and contain all the vital information needed to allow the business to continue to function no matter which team member is unable to come to work.  We can help you create these contingency documents.

The support you can find on the FAS website includes:

  • Emergency Planning Templates which will help you to create an Emergency Plan for your business, with specific resources for different enterprises and guidance notes about how to do this.
  • Guidance and information, by sector. This includes information about dealing with common challenges arising on farms as well as information to support less experienced people who may find themselves helping on the farm.
  • Signposting for other sources of support for farmers during any crisis and information about how they’re able to help you with that specific challenge.

RSABI provides emotional, practical and financial support to individuals and their families across the agricultural sector including farming and crofting.  Please do not hesitate to contact his organisation if you feel you need support.

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