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Cross Compliance

An Introduction to Cross Compliance

Confused by cross compliance? FAS have produced a series of videos explaining what cross compliance is and highlighting some of the most common rules under statutory management rules and good agricultural and environmental conditions. Read more >>

Cross Compliance - Protecting Water Quality

Are you unsure of your obligations relating to the protection of water? Check out this video relating to Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions 1. Read more>>

Cross Compliance - Preventing Soil Erosion

Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions 5 relates to limiting soil erosion. Read more>>


Cross Compliance: Protecting Our Landscapes

Landscape features such as dykes are a unique part of the Scottish landscape, find out what the rules are under Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions 7 to protect our landscape features. Read more>>

Cross Compliance: Disturbance of Birds

Statutory management requirements are agricultural standards set out in UK law, SMR 2 restrictions exist to protect wild birds, their eggs and habitats during the breeding season. Read more >>

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