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A Guide to the Rumen

Over the course of five videos, Poppy Frater (SAC Consulting - Sheep and Grassland Specialist) and Mary Young (SAC Consulting - Livestock Nutritionist) take you through how a rumen functions, feed label terminology, the importance of protein, comparing feed types, and top tips for good rumen health.

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Rumen Function - what is it and how can I support it?

This video outlines some of the basic rumen functions and principals used in ruminant nutrition and how we can use this information in practice.

Feed Labels Explained

This video outlines some of the most common terms used in ruminant nutrition. Feed is one of the main bought in materials on crofts and small holdings, therefore we’ve highlighted some top tips on what to look for on a feed label. Helping to ensure efficient production and lowering your carbon footprint as a result.

Comparing Feed Types

This video compares the 3 main forages utilised by crofters: hay, haylage and big bale silage. Including some tips on how best to supplement each, but as mentioned in the video it is always best to get an analysis of your forage as every croft is different.

The Importance of Protein

This video provides a short summary of the various protein terms including a brief explanation of how the rumen bugs convert protein from the animals feed, into high quality protein for the animal, a unique ability of ruminants.

Top Tips for Maintaining Good Rumen Health

The last of our videos on rumen function looks at the three top tips to maintain good rumen health.

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