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Sheep Health

Condition Scoring for sheep

Body Condition scoring (BCS) of sheep is a quick and simple management tool to assess the body reserves of sheep throughout the year.

Condition scoring is a physical rather than visual examination of sheep. Flocks are often made up of different breeds which have varying frame sizes, fleece cover and genetics, and sheep may have gut fill or a full fleece. Therefore it is extremely difficult to assess the body reserves of a mature sheep visually.

Body condition scoring is an effective tool to help you maximise the output from your animals and ensure you are meeting the nutritional needs of your stock. Body condition scoring should be carried out at least 8 weeks in advance of tupping, mid-pregnancy or at scanning, pre-lambing and weaning.

How & When to Body Condition Score Demonstration

Liver Fluke

Liver fluke is something all sheep farmers should take precautions against. Read about and listen to the steps individual farmers and crofters can take to help protect their flock. As well as get a better understanding of what liver fluke is.

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