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Sheep Records & Tagging

Livestock records can be a complicated and daunting aspect to get your head round, but it is a very important one for various reasons.

Livestock identification and records are covered by Scottish, UK and EU law. These have been put in place to aid animal traceability and are mandatory.  The links below, will aid in understanding the requirements for record keeping for sheep.

Red Tractor Medicine Administration Record Template

Sheep Tagging & Records Online Meeting Recording

Sheep Records Made Simple and Top Tips For Tagging. This session covers the simplest way to keep sheep records and understand sheep tagging rules. There will be no more panic and scramble at the mention of an inspection for QMS or SGRPID! Along with Siobhan Macdonald from SAC Consulting and Jane Thomson from Shearwell, we will show you:

  • The key times to record
  • Ways to make numbers easier
  • Which tag for which sheep
  • Using hand held scanners
  • What inspectors look for - Medicine records

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