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Making the Most of a Small Land Area

With land values remaining high, making the most out of land already owned is more important than ever. Creating diversified enterprises has multiple benefits, including creating alternative income streams, increasing the resiliency of the business and enabling simpler separation of the business for succession purposes.



Turkey Production Factsheet

Turkeys are a seasonal product with the majority of turkey meat being consumed at Christmas. In 2020 there were 15,732 farmed turkeys in Scotland, this is a149% increase in turkey numbers from 2010.

Find out about what is involved in turkey production - from infrastructure and breed selection to nutrition and marketing.



Agritourism Factsheet

Agritourism offers farmers a way to increase revenue and build a business that can support more labour units. For many rural areas of Scotland, particularly across the Highlands and Islands, tourism makes a substantial contribution to economic activity, employment, and livelihoods. Agri-tourism is a key growth area providing agricultural and rural based experiences to visitors looking to connect with farming, food production, and the environment.

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Person handing an apple to another at at fruit market

Direct Marketing Case Study: Glasrai

Land values restrict the opportunities available to new entrants and to existing business looking to expand, limiting the area they can afford to purchase. So how do you make the most of a small land area? Glasraí Organic Farm in Hollymount, Co Mayo, Ireland, is a business which has tackled such a challenge.


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