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Personal resilience, Day 17 – 24th of March 2020

Building confidence

Research has shown that happiness is an outcome of being emotionally intelligent.  We often describe people as being emotionally intelligent but what does it really mean?

According to EQi2.0 there are five elements of our emotional intelligence:

  • Self perception – our level of confidence and the conversation that we all have with ourselves in our own head
  • Self expression – how we express our emotions and our ability to respond constructively especially in emotionally charged situations
  • Interpersonal relationships – our process and ability to build mutually satisfying relationships as well as having appropriate balance in our desire to be helpful
  • Decision making – our ability to be objective in making a good decision and being able to resist being overly influenced by the emotions of others
  • Stress Management – our ability to manage the pressures of life and maintain optimism even in the toughest of times.

More specifically our happiness is a consequence of having these characteristics in balance.  Critical to our emotional intelligence and overall sense of wellbeing is our confidence.  When we lack confidence it effects our decisions and can also impact upon our relationship with ourselves and others.  Focussing on developing our confidence can have an uplifting effect upon our sense of worth.

This blog post provides ten practical tips to enhance our confidence and view of ourselves.


If any of these emails or exercises have affected you and you feel you would like to speak to someone, support is available through RSABI.  You can call them on 0300 111 4166.  Their helpline is open from 7am to 11pm all year.

These resources have been developed by Kim Walker of Advance Consultancy for the Farm Advisory Service.

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