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Fertility [SP.RA.HPF]

    Safe and Effective Vaccination

    Vaccines are a vital part of disease control and reducing antibiotic usage on farms. At this time of year many routine vaccinations are likely to be taking place including booster…

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    Systemic Pasteurellosis in Lambs

    This year there have been increased outbreaks of systemic Pasteurellosis.  While the reasons are unclear, warm wet Autumn weather may have led to increased pasture worm burdens and prolonged tick…

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    Liver Fluke – Actions To Consider This Spring

    In spring 2021 a number of flocks experienced ill thrift and/or deaths in ewes as a result of infection with liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica).  In all cases there was a history of treatment with triclabendazole during the previous autumn and winter. 

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    Before lambing, it is good practice to make sure you have all the equipment that you will require, and that it is clean, sterile and in working order.

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