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Pre-Lambing Nutrition [SP.RA.PRE]

    Lambing Time Checklist

    Successful lambing is much more than what goes on in the shed or the field at the time, planning, preparation and organisation go a long way to achieving good lamb…

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    Pre-Lambing Metabolic Profiling

    Blood testing ewes 3 – 4 weeks before lambing is a great way to assess how the ration being offered is feeding.  It gives you the knowledge if what is being fed is sufficient and if not what adjustments can be made.

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    Feeding Ewes In Mid-Pregnancy Under Snowy Conditions

    Reports of more snow to come are concerning particularly for those that may have already been feeding supplementary forage since December.  For those lambing in March/April the nutritional requirements of the ewe are still fairly low compared to close up lambing, however it is vital to the development of the placenta during this period that ewes do not face prolonged nutritional stress.

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    Flock Winter Management Tips

    Our winters are getting wetter and milder, but snow can still catch us out.  A bad winter can impact the ewes and the land for over a year.  Consider and discuss extreme weather response plans now to prevent ongoing issues. 

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