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Rearing animals [SP.RA]

    Stay Clean, Stay Safe

    Most farmers will be aware that sheep and lambs can carry organisms which can be responsible for disease in humans.  The specific threat to pregnant women from aborting sheep at lambing time is probably the most familiar issue.  However, sheep can also carry organisms which could make anyone unwell, and it’s sensible to consider these risks as you go about your work.

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    Ewe Condition Through Lactation

    Many will still be amid, or looking forward, to this year’s lambing, we hope it goes smoothly, but we also want to raise awareness of how management in lactation could influence next year’s lamb crop.

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    Colostrum For Lambs

    Colostrum is the ultimate super food for new born lambs, watch this short video, where Kirsten Williams gives some tips on storing, freezing and defrosting colostrum for this lambing.  

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    Lambing Time Checklist

    Successful lambing is much more than what goes on in the shed or the field at the time, planning, preparation and organisation go a long way to achieving good lamb…

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