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A clear road ahead (FWN 29)

25 September 2017

From a small farm estate to a large clear-fell contract, pre-planning and good contract management is essential.

Roadside felling can be just one of the many hazards and constraints that may be presented, that can pose a potential risk to various interested parties.  This is evident on a Scottish Woodlands 20,000t clear-fell contract near Leadhills, South Lanarkshire, which has 2.5km of public road frontage where trees are within striking distance of the road.  The following points outline just a few of the steps and thoughts that have been associated with the roadside felling, thus ensuring that key health and safety responsibilities are met by the Land Owner, Agent, Forest Works Manager and Contractor:

  • Assessing the risk zones and quantifying the time required to harvest the tonnage involved.
  • Costing the type and quantity of traffic management at time of budget.
  • Selecting a competent and qualified timber harvesting contractor to carry out the operation.
  • Consulting with the Local Authority to agree the appropriate method of traffic control and to avoid any potential conflict with another planned road occupancy.
  • Minimise impact on other road users by spreading traffic management out across the contract in planned, phased sections.
  • Engaging a competent traffic management company to apply for the permissions and supply and install approved traffic management apparatus.

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