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A Step-by-Step Guide to Forage and Feed Budgeting

10 May 2024

Forage and feed budgeting is a simple assessment of the feed and forage availability on the farm against the livestock demand. This can be a useful tool, particularly before going into the winter months and when grazing availability is in short supply. There are many reasons why forage and feed budgeting can be essential in a business including:

  • Giving peace of mind that the supply of on-farm resources will match the expected demand of the farm.
  • Will identify any shortfalls in supply early allowing for early intervention.
  • Will reduce the risk of any sudden dietary changes which can be detrimental to production.
  • Can help to minimise expensive feed purchases later in the season or allow for forward bulk buying, reducing cost volatility.
  • Allowing the farm to make the best use of resources available.
Fresian Cows eating silage

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