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Feed And Water Intake

18 January 2018

It is vital that sheep have the trough space to ensure a high intake of their ration, reduced levels of competition and reduce the incidence of knocks or damage to the unborn lamb.  It is also crucial to have a clean water supply available at all times for sheep.  Recommendations for a 70kg ewe are as follows.


 70 kg ewe
Trough Space50 cm/ewe

60 cm/tup

Restricted Forage25 cm/ewe
Ad Lib Forage and TMR15 cm/ewe
Water – dry feed (pregnancy)4.5 litres/day
Water – wet feed (swedes, silage) (pregnancy)2.0 litres/day
Early Lactation10 litres/day

Kirsten Williams, SAC Consulting Sheep Specialist

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