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Getting permission to fell trees

15 October 2020

It is an offence to fell trees without first getting permission from Scottish Forestry.

This includes clear-felling, thinning, selective felling, felling individual trees, and felling coppice.

Some types of felling don’t need permission. Check Scottish Forestry’s Felling Permission – Application Guidance to see if any exemptions apply.

If your felling plans aren’t covered by any exemptions you need to get permission.

To apply for felling permission you will need to submit the following:

  • Felling Permission Application Form
  • Mandate form (if an agent is submitting the application on your behalf)
  • Map showing the area you want to fell
  • Map showing what species you will replant with (if applicable)

Scottish Forestry’s Felling Permission – Application Guidance will help to guide you through the process.

Once your application for felling permission has been approved by Scottish Forestry, you can start felling.

Do not begin any felling work before you receive fully approved permission.

Full details and guidance are available on the Scottish Forestry website.

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