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Grass That Has Got Ahead

22 July 2019

This has been a great season for grass growth, however the downside is keeping on top of quality.

Those that are rotational grazing will be able to keep the rotation short (around 24 days) to maximise quality. The fields that have been taken out of the rotation can be cut for silage or hay. However, there comes a point when the cost of conserving grass is not worth. This is where deferred grazing might be an option to leave standing hay for weaned cows or ewes in mid-pregnancy.

Those that are set stocked will want to try and keep grass height between 6 – 8 cm by increasing stocking pressure. For example, introduce cows in with the ewes and lambs or reduce field size with electric fencing. Grass quality is highly influential to the performance of lambs and finishing cattle.  There is no harm in mowing grass that has got ahead to ensure these stock groups are grazing leafy grass not stem and dead material.

Poppy Frater,

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