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How do I Look up my Herd’s Calving Interval on MyHerdStats?

5 March 2024

ScotEID ( now has a wealth of information about your herd, from all the calves you have registered, and any other movement and death data inputted over the years. It can be useful to look at this information to start reflecting on your herd’s performance.

It is now clear that in the future the beef calf scheme will have a reduced/no payment if their mothers calving interval is above the target set. At present we do not know what the target calving interval will be. However we know this metric become more ambitious over time.

Steps to see your My HerdStats data

  1. Log into ScotEID
  2. Then as the screen shot below shows click on My HerdStats
myHerd Stats 1
    3. Select the year you are interested in in My HerdStats
myHerd Stats 2
    4. Use the Menu on Left hand side and click on Cow Efficiency
    5. You will see something like the screenshot below
myHerd Stats 3
This herd in 2022 had a herd average calving interval of 377 days. However its important to look at individual animals, as cows with longer calving intervals, those to the rights hand side of the graph will negatively impact your payments in the future’

Next Steps

Looking at data is only the first step. Its now important to ask questions and look to see if any areas that need special attention.

Applying for a specialist plan could help give you bespoke advice on any queries that this data brings to the surface.

Beef suckler cow with calf suckling

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