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Is Your Bull Working?

30 May 2022

Is Your Bull Working?

Now that bulls will have been out with cows for at least one cycle it is important to make sure that cows are holding to service.

It is important to make sure that you regularly observe the bulls (at least twice a week) for the first two months in order to pick up on any issues or concerns such as lack of libido or penis damage quickly before these have a major impact on your herd.

Key things to consider;

  • Observe and monitor bulls working – are they serving correctly?
  • Watch the bulls walking checking for swellings and lameness
  • Have a spare bull or bulls available to replace a bull if he is unable to serve cows
  • Replace any suspect/problem bulls immediately
  • Rotate bulls in single-sire groups to make sure that any bull infertility is covered. Bulls should be rotated every one or two cycles.


Sarah Balfour,


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