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Post Mating Tup Management

11 December 2018

When the tups are removed from the ewes, they may have lost condition, with an estimated 15% loss of body weight during the tupping season, this is especially true in newly purchased heavily fed tups.  This condition should be managed to ensure survivability through the winter.

If tups have lost condition they should either be offered a sheltered field or housed indoors.  They should be offered good quality hay or silage and worked up to 0.5kg/head/day of concentrate feeding.  This should be maintained until they reach a condition score of 3.  At which time they should continue being fed good quality forage with the aim to retain the condition throughout the winter.  If the tups do not respond to the increased nutrition then discuss with a vet, as this may be due to fluke, worms, etc.

Any wounds from fighting, brisket sores, lame feet, etc should all be treated as soon as they are removed from the ewes and remember to ensure all vaccines and boosters for clostridial diseases are up to date.

Kisten Williams, 

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