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Sheep Management

6 September 2017

Ensure External Parasite (Fly) Treatments Are Still Functional

If not look at winter dipping or another, shorter cover external pour – on to get through the early autumn months.

Assess What Replacements Are Required 

Purchase replacement gimmers/ewe lambs at least 6 weeks prior to tupping.  Allow for quarantine post sale and treatments such as worm/fluke and vaccination programmes for abortion and clostridial and feet diseases.

Ewe & Tup Pre Mating MOT’s

At least 6 weeks pre tupping and change management accordingly.

Order Progesterone Sponges/PMSG – If Synchronising

In recent years these have been in short supply.

Flush Ewes 

On good grass 3 weeks prior to tupping.

Source Teasers 

Teasers should be run with ewes 14-17 days prior to an entire tup being introduced to the flock.

Discuss Flock Health Management With Vet 

It’s a key time to discuss health management with your vet, analyse anything that went wrong last year and prevent from happening this breeding cycle.

Plan For Winter 

Assess forage brassica options for post harvest catch crop e.g. swift, stubble turnips, etc.  These will extend your grazing season, limiting the requirement for either winter grazing off farm or additional concentrates for feeding lambs.

Kirsten Williams,

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