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Simple Things Make The Difference

7 June 2017

A farmer approached a shed where his tractor man was agitating slurry before going into the tanker to spread it.  The man started to stagger, collapse and it was clear he was being overcome with toxic gases such as hydrogen sulphide.  The farmer saw there was a rope next to him laid out along the passage of the shed and told him to quickly grab it.  He manged to grab it and then was pulled out of the shed without the farmer going into it.

If that rope had not been there the farmer would have gone into the shed and could well have become overcome with the gasses as well, which could have resulted in both men being overcome with disastrous consequences.

Simply, why not, as the very first job have a rope next to the operator laid out right to the end of the shed and make sure someone else is always close by.  Better still why not ensure he wears the rope like a harness before he does anything.  If you have any other suggestions please let us know.

Gavin Hill,

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