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Spring Peas and Beans Update – August 2020

12 August 2020

Pre-harvest desiccation options

Combine peas

Due to the indeterminate nature of combining peas, most combining pea crops in Scotland benefit from desiccation, unless it is an exceptionally dry harvest.

Glyphosate is recommended as a pre-harvest herbicide and any desiccating effect is an additional benefit. Crops grown for seed should not be treated with glyphosate.  As the crop is almost mature when glyphosate is applied, this treatment does not accelerate the natural rate of crop maturity; it should not be used to even up or desiccate peas. The recommended dose of glyphosate for weed control in peas varies according to the product used, weeds that are present and their density. The average moisture content of the seeds should be below 30%. The target weeds should be healthy with green leaf to intercept the spray. Harvest may take place 7 days after application of glyphosate but 10-14 days is more likely.

 Field beans

Field beans for animal feed can be treated pre-harvest for control of most grasses and broad-leaved weeds with many glyphosate products.  It is applied when seed has below 30% moisture, the bean stems are usually green/brown and the pods are black. Generally about 10-14 days before harvest, but can be a lot longer.

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