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Thin Cows Still To Calve

26 April 2018

If cows are thin (condition score 1-2) right now at calving, take action to prevent calf and or/cow losses. If you are concerned about the condition/feeding of your cows please seek advice from your adviser, vet or nutritionist before it is too late – we are here to help.

It is vital to keep these very lean cows on a  rising plane of nutrition:

 Good grazing grass is obviously ideal but if grass is below 5 cm cows will not receive enough energy in late pregnancy and additional good forage/concentrates need to be fed.

  • If forage is not available and concentrates are the alternative, feeds like draff or sugar beet pulp are safe fibrous and high energy feeds. For example for cows that need it, 2 kg of sugar beet pulp in the morning and 2 kg at night will supply half of a cows energy requirements.
  • Tatties/roots can also offer energy (if available locally) and fed on the ground.
  • Feed 100 – 150 g of a good high mag mineral
  • If cows go down before calving get the vet out to examine and come up with a plan for the cow and the unborn calf.

Karen Stewart, Nutritionist

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