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Tips For Transporting Livestock In Hot Weather

24 July 2019

With the recent spell of hot weather and further high temperatures forecast the threat to animal welfare is a risk during transport. The following tips will help to protect animals from the stress of transportation during hot and humid weather.

  • Handle animals to a minimum to avoid disturbance during loading, transport and unloading.
  • Increase space allowance by at least 30% (this is particularly important in the hotter sections of the float i.e. the front compartments and high levels). Animals will overheat if packed too tightly so ensure there is adequate space for all animals.
  • Avoid penning stock in these known hotter areas if possible.
  • Increase the internal height by removing tiers and folding decks. This will maximise air movement.
  • On longer journeys check animals more often for signs of heat stress (open mouthed breathing and sweating).
  • Avoid travelling if possible in the hottest hours of the day. Could the animals be moved at night when it is likely to be cooler?
  • If you need to stop, park in the shade positioned to make use of any prevailing wind.
  • Plan journeys to take into account delays, road closures, diversions and road works.

Sarah Balfour.

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