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Water Scarcity and Rising Temperatures

26 June 2023

Scotland’s changing climate means that farmers and crofters will have to adapt to drier summers and higher temperatures, creating numerous challenges. The Farm Advisory Service (FAS) offers one-to-one support to help you tackle water scarcity by managing the risks to your business and making long term plans to build resilience to drought.

Drought and heat can seriously impact livestock as well as arable farming. Various options are available to combat heat stress, including shelter belts, silvopasture and improving the health of natural watercourses. To find the best options for your business, you can work with a qualified advisor through FAS. They will help you explore specialist advice options, including water pollution prevention and control, woodland management and conservation, and animal welfare advice.

Climate change adaption and mitigation specialist advice can be particularly helpful for tackling water scarcity and high temperatures. As well as offering advice to reduce the environmental impact of your business, a qualified advisor can advise how you can improve land management for drought.
Some changes to improve your business resilience to water scarcity will require significant investment. To understand how this can fit with long term financial planning, Integrated Land Management Plans offer a comprehensive analysis of your business’ risks and opportunities and a full analysis of your accounts.

For advice on which options to choose, help finding an adviser, and to apply for funding, contact FAS at or  0300 323 0161. More information can be found on the FAS website at

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