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FAS Connect

Bringing farmers and crofters together to tackle the big problems with shared experience, ideas and knowledge.

Meetings throughout Scotland on a range of agricultural topics:

  • Crops & Soils
  • Beef
  • Dairy
  • Sheep
  • Organics
  • Natural Capital
  • Crofting & Smallholders
  • Net Zero
  • Deer Farming
  • Food & Drink
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FAS Connect aims to blend technical information with networking and learning from each other. Working closely with a dedicated group facilitator these small groups are able to tailor content more effectively than larger group meetings.

Expanding on successful pilots of a small group learning approach, FAS Connect has already established 40 discussion groups across the country covering a range of topics.

Groups consist of around fifteen farmers or crofters and are formed with the aim of bringing together like-minded people. Each group has three meetings per year on topics decided by the group members.


“You always learn something from the group meetings.”

“The members of the group are really supportive of each other and it’s great to have a group all with similar enterprises to bounce ideas from...It’s good to get out and see what other people are doing and hear from different people within the industry to pick up new ideas that can be applied on your own farm.”

“It’s good to get together with other farmers and share the good and bad days.”

FAS Connect In Action: Forage For Growth

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Forage For Growth is run in the Stranraer area, facilitated by Lorna Galloway. The group brought together farmers from a range of farm types who wanted to make better forage to reduce their feed costs.

Over the last few years the group has:

  • Visited different farmers across the region who are growing forage crops and rotational grazing to reduce their reliance on concentrates
  • Visited each other’s farms to take ideas from other group members
  • Had a virtual farm tour in New Zealand
  • Welcomed a raft of specialist speakers.

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