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Crop Health Updates - July 2018

Managing the risk of tuber blight in 2018

There have still been no confirmed cases of blight in Scotland this year – and very few throughout the whole of the UK. Prolonged dry conditions have helped in that and although irrigated crops clearly present more humid and suitable conditions for blight development than non-irrigated equivalent crops, a general lack of inoculum in the area is a major plus. Scottish weather being what it is however we can expect more ‘normal’ weather to resume at some point and so the need to protect potato crops against tuber blight remains a high priority in designing blight programmes. Read more here.

Prolonged dry spell - what can be done?

We’ve had calls from across the country for what can be done in the face of the continued dry weather.  We asked a few experts for their advice and have their answers in this article.  Read more here.

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