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Nutrient Planning & Fertilisers

Money can be saved by more efficient nutrient budgeting, especially linked to pH levels.

Efficient nutrient management is the process of ensuring the right amount of nutrients are present at the right time across the entire rotation and growing season.  It is linked to soil pH since this impacts the plant availability of the P and K fertilisers that you apply and has a role in determining the N use efficiency.

Manures, slurries and other organic inputs should be understood and treated as fertiliser input - testing these resources to know their nutrient values is important.

With Scotland aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 75% by 2030 and aiming for net zero by 2045, should we could consider Ireland’s approach to meeting similar targets?  They have focussed on getting their farmers to switch a proportion of their straight nitrogen fertiliser to using protected urea.  Find out more on our Protected Urea - Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

You can also find our handy guide on Understanding Fertiliser, including calculating applications here.

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