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Corncrakes are a small migratory bird that spends the summer in parts of Scotland and returns to Africa in Winter.  They are not much bigger than a blackbird but are rarely seen in the open.  Spending most of their time in the cover of tall vegetation, their presence is often only recognised by their distinctive rasping call.  Find out more about the species from the RSPB website.

These birds are on the UK's Red List for endangered species due to severe population declines.  Conservation efforts can greatly assist these birds during nesting and when chicks are young.

See our range of great resources on how to help the corncrake on your Croft or Small Farm, or download our information leaflet on 'How to Create Early Cover for Corncrakes'

A Corncrake at close range
Photo Credit: Jo Garbutt, Flickr cc, Attribution CC by 2.0

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