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Carbon Markets & Finance

Carbon markets refer to the growing space for the sale of carbon credits which has evolved in the last few years. With a wealth of natural resources on farms, including soils, crops, woodlands and trees, agriculture offers some potential for the generation of carbon assets.

Carbon markets can refer to both compliance markets (mandatory carbon reporting to national governments), and voluntary markets (optional private sector markets where carbon credits can be traded). Generally speaking, recent interest in farming for carbon credit generation is linked to voluntary markets, with increasing pressure for businesses and food supply chains to reduce their carbon footprints.

In a highly technical and often overwhelming space, this sector provides essential resources for understanding how carbon markets relate to farmers in Scotland, where the opportunities may be, and means of accessing carbon finance.

The Trading Market for Farmland Carbon Webinar

With Woodland and Peatland Carbon Codes well advanced, in this webinar we take a closer look at the activity in the agricultural farmland sector and the development of the UK Carbon Code of Conduct as a legitimate framework to facilitate the trading of carbon offsets. Doug Wanstall, Founder of Re-generation Earth talks about his work in this field and Will Foulkes, Founder and CEO of Stabiliti talks about creating trust and transparency in carbon offsets. Anna Sellars and Brady Stevens at SAC Consulting will feed back on their funded project work surrounding the opportunities and risks for farmers to consider if engaging in carbon market. Watch here >>

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