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Farming For a Better Climate

Farming For a Better Climate is a Scottish Government project providing practical support to farmers across Scotland.  Working with experienced farm consultants and the latest scientific advice, the project identifies and shares practical and realistic ways to improve farm efficiency, increase profitability and at the same time reduce the carbon footprint.

The Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group is made up of five farmers working together to establish how best to support, enhance and protect their farm soils.  They are working closely with support from agricultural advisors, research and other industry specialists to work out how best to manage soils and crops to build resilience into farm soils.

Previous work with Climate Change Focus Farm hosts enabled farmers from a range of enterprise types to work with farm advisors to evaluate farm performance and cut their carbon footprint by taking a second look at routine tasks.  Many made significant financial savings as well as reducing their carbon emissions.

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The Farming for a Better Climate newsletter keeps you up to date with some of the tips and ideas shared shared with the farmer groups and via Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service (FAS) to help you to help you improve farm efficiency and profitability and reduce your farm carbon footprint.

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