East Lothian Crop Trials Webinar

  • July 10 2024
    12:30pm - 2:00pm

In this webinar hear from SRUC researchers to decide on your varieties for 2025 harvest. SRUC has been running national and recommended list trials in East Lothian for many years and you can hear first hand from Steve Hoad, leader in agronomy and crop improvement at SRUC, on the current and upcoming winter wheat and spring barley varieties. Steve will give an update and show how the varieties have come through the challenging winter and spring and give his recommendations of varieties to look out for 2025.

Fiona Burnett will give an update on the fungicide appropriate dose rates on wheat and how products have compared against others in the previous years trials.

Scottish Government have given some updates recently on the requirements on whole farm plans for 2025 basic payment, and Donald Dunbar will be available to give some insight into this and how the introduction of legumes and mixed cropping can be incorporated into your farms rotation for the benefit of a break crop and for potential future subsidies.

Julian Bell will also give some market predictions for wheat and barley for the future year to aid you in your crop marketing decisions.