Sourcing Labour – Advertising for Applicants to the Agricultural World

  • October 20 2022
    8:00pm - 9:30pm

Sourcing labour for farms is becoming an increasing struggle and to assist with this the Farm Advisory Service will host a series of 2 webinars with Greenburn HR on the the topic of Farm Labour.

The first of those will be held on Zoom on Thursday 20th October, 8pm on the topic of Advertising for Applicants to the Agricultural World.
This webinar will cover:
– Designing a job advert – what should it look like? What should you include?
– What other documents do you need when you place an advert
– Where and how to advertise
– Consideration to give to job titles and working schedules
– Interviews and how to approach them

Greenburn HR have a range of clients across Scotland from large membership organisations to individual farms and machinery rings. Their clients include, NFU Scotland, RSABI, SAOS, Scottish Land & Estates and other Agri-organisations, such as QMS and RHET. Greenburn are experts at response and reaction management, supporting clients in firefighting immediate problems with their people; and specialise in ensuring that your company has the right people in the right places, with the right skills, at the right times. Greenburn strongly advocate that all their HR systems, processes and interventions must add value. A HR company strongly rooted in the agri and rural industry, this webinar will include examples and expertise from real examples of recruitment within the agricultural industry.

Please note during the webinar, it is only the speakers that will be seen/heard. Participants will still be able to interact and ask questions via the chat function though.


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