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Technical Documents

Forage Crop

Forage and Grass Guide

This guide will take you through some of the options available for grass, legume, herb and forage crops, the key agronomy and management required to successful increase overall yield from forage for a beef and sheep system. Read more >>

Forage Crop Mineral Fact Sheet

Nutritionally forage crops are an excellent source of energy and good source of protein (although root crops tend to be at the lower end).  This fact sheet will focus on the main mineral requirements of the animal to consider when grazing/ feeding forage crops.  Read more>>

Technical Note 733: Forage Crop for Livestock

Forage crops offer an excellent solution to filling the forage gap in the autumn and winter months when grass growth slows down. They integrate well with grassland and livestock, aiding in controlling a surplus of spring and summer grass and offering a high yielding, quality feed for the autumn and winter months. These crops offer a low cost solution to rationing livestock throughout the winter period, while reducing the pressure on housing, labour and bedding costs.  Read more>>

Fodder Beet

We have a series of podcasts and webinars available to listen to and view, along with a useful articles.  More information>>

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