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Succession Planning

Most family farms, wish to keep the business within family, but with an estimate, of less than 50% of farmers having a succession plan, many need to spend time, in planning for the future.  Succession is a tricky subject to approach for many, with the thought of awkward discussions with family members.  However if this is approached correctly, it can be a very rewarding exercise to carry out.

We have numerous materials to aid with succession planning.

Planning For The Future Information Note

This note follows on from a Planning for the Future roadshow and offers key information from industry professionals on succession.

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Succession Planning Webinar

Heather Wildman, Saviour Associates joined us to talk succession, how to prepare for the family discussion, ensuring every party is in agreement and who to bring in to make the agreement official.

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Succession In Sheep Stock Clubs - Points to Consider

Succession in situations where you become a tenant of a croft business and a member of a sheep stock Club simultaneously can be confusing. This is because you are succeeding to two different businesses, with different business structures, and often enterprises, at the same time. This guide only refers to the most direct succession route in a Sheep Stock situation. This is where the croft tenancy and grazing share, which includes membership of a Sheep Stock Club, are assigned directly from one person to another (this is often a family member).

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