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New Entrants Gathering 2018 – It’s nae whit ye hae but whit ye dae wi whit ye hae

27 February 2018

The New Entrants to Farming Programme held its 5th Gathering, on the 27th February at Perth Race Course.

The agenda was built to inform and inspire the participants on a range of agricultural enterprises with topics including, joint venture dairy farming, laying hens, building a brand, venison production and retailing, brewing, co-operation and European opportunities for new entrants.

The crowd were urged by Henry Graham, chair of LANTRA to have an achievers mindset and be adaptive to change.  While both Michael Shannon and Gordon Whiteford, both farmers told the group to travel, gain ideas from the best of people and always ask open questions such as ‘why?’ and ‘what?’ if you are to get the most enlighteing answers.  Maureen Maldowney highlighted that the key to success in their dairy joint ventures was to stay positive, and to always keep the dream alive.  Kerry Allison, SAC Food & Drink Consultant advised the participants to not just create a brand but take ownership by instilling your  personality and story.  While Bob Prentice who farms and processes venison, beef and lamb, inspired the audience by describing his journey and highlighting his ethos  in creating abbatoir facilities and the Stagison brand.

Here’s a round up of what our speakers told delegates:


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Opening Address, Henry Graham
Henry Graham providing the opening presentation giving greater detail on over 1000 ha of public land being made available. He also raised the need the for a change in mind-set for a successful future in farming.
Damn Delicious, Michael Shannon
Michael Shannon gave an inspiring talk on his journey to owning his own farm and his own unique business and brand.
Secret in Hens, Gordon Whiteford
Gordon Whiteford gave a presentation on how he started from nothing and now running a successful hen laying business and winning a farm tenancy.
Case Study: Gordon Whiteford
Starting from nothing, Gordon now runs a successful laying hen business.
Glass (of milk) Half Full, Maureen Muldowney
Maureen Muldowney gave a presentation explaining an how various partnership agreements have built a successful dairy business.
Co-operating to Success, Jim Booth
Jim Booth, SAOS Ltd, delivered a presentation on the various forms and sizable opportunities provided by greater co-operation.
European Opportunities for New Entrants, Lee-Ann Sutherland
The audience could take some comfort in the knowledge that policy makers are interested in understanding the barriers into farming, as outlined by Lee-Ann Sutherland through 2 EU projects which she is involved with.
Brewing Brand Success and Other Food Stories, Kerry Alison
Kerry drew on years of industry and consultancy experience to remind delegates of the importance of marketing and promoting their brand in everything they do.
The Downfield Story, Bob Prentice
Bob Prentice gave a unique insight into his journey into farming and creating an on farm processing business.

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