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A Season with Sheep

23 September 2020

If you are new or relatively new to sheep keeping, join us for this series of 3 meetings online, discussing the 3 key seasons in the sheep year.  We start with jobs for this month – the selection of lambs for keeping to breed next year, those for store or finishing, and selection of ewes for going to the tup in the next few months.  The second critical period is pre-tupping, where looking after the ewes and tups will ensure good conception rates, and finally we discuss the all-important nutrition needs of the pregnant ewe up to lambing. Lots to discuss!


  1. 28/09/2020 – A Season with Sheep: Who do Ewe Pick?
  2. 30/09/2020 – A Season with Sheep: Feeding and Breeding
  3. 05/10/2020 – A Season with Sheep: Feeding the Pregnant Ewe



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