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Adapting to change through business resilience

26 March 2019

Although the exact departure date for Brexit is currently being debated – Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union remains on course to take place this year – signalling a major change in the UK economic and political landscape.

Though it is impossible to avoid the uncertainty that comes with change, one way Scottish farming businesses can prepare for the departure is to invest in, and strengthen business resilience, now.

The Farm Advisory Service (FAS) helps Scottish farmers and crofters to increase the profitability and sustainability of their businesses through Government funding for one-to-one advice and expert business development support.

Regardless of farm size or business stage, FAS can help Scottish farming businesses access grant funding worth up to a total of £3,200 for business development support in one or more of the following areas:

  • Integrated Land Management Plans (ILMP) – assessing the production efficiency of a farming business in relation to land potential, with a view to identifying improvements and cost savings.
  • Specialist advice – in-depth analysis of specific issues of concern or interest within the business.
  • Carbon audits – benchmark technical performance, identifying opportunities to make gains.
  • Mentoring support – Four days one-to-one time with a farming mentor offering practical advice and guidance on all aspects of starting a new business.

To apply, or for more information, please visit Alternatively, call 0300 323 0161 or email

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