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Bracken Control – Update on Emergency Authorisation for Asulox (July 2020)

16 July 2020

As of 9th July, Emergency Authorisation was granted for the use of Asulox as a form of bracken control when specific conditions have been met.

Following a submission to CRD by the Bracken Control Group, ground-based application of Asulam for the control of bracken has been re-instated in certain circumstances such as land designated for conservation, that covered by an agri-environment scheme, or during the establishment phase of forestry. Reduced water volumes in hand-held equipment are also now allowed, which will make application easier.  The relevant documentation relating to this Emergency Authorisation can be found here: EA Approval 1570/2020

Before applying Asulox under the emergency authorisation, it is essential to read the emergency authorisation document available on the CRD and the Bracken Control Group websites

The earlier approval creating to aerial application only remains in force, find full details using this link EA Approval 0765/2020.

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